Graduate Student Liaisons

Job Description: Oecologies Graduate Student Liaisons

The Graduate Student Liaison (GSL) is an appointed position made on the recommendation of Oecologies’s Directors. Once appointed, GSLs serve in the Executive Council for a two-year term. The GSLs are responsible for facilitating connections and discussions and attending to interests, questions, and concerns across graduate communities. They likewise contribute to the growth and flourishing of the cluster by collaborating with and assisting Elected Directors, other members of the Executive Players, and Coordinators in their own respective projects and duties. GSLs’ responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Working with Oe members on organizing and participating in ecocritical panels at conferences, as well as helping to coordinate workshops and invited talks on member campuses
  • Designing materials for social media and blog posts pertinent to graduate students and opportunities for graduate involvement
  • Updating, in collaboration with the Digital Strategies Manager, the master list of scholarly resources/online bookshelf and the multimedia section of the website
  • Amplifying the cluster’s presence by highlighting upcoming events, workshops, and recent publications on social media and across campuses
  • Organizing and mediating both online and in-person graduate reading groups, workshops, and meetings
  • Mentoring undergraduate students and devising initiatives for undergraduate involvement, where appropriate and in consultation with Oe Directors, Players, and/or Coordinators
  • Assisting Oe members with fundraising logistics and efforts
  • Staying up-to-date on professionalization and trends in graduate studies beyond the cluster to better serve the members of Oe
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