Earth, Sea, Sky

Earth ~ Sea ~Sky

An Environmental Humanities Research Network

“Earth, Sea, Sky” is a research network collaborating with the Oecologies Network. It has and will continue to foster new international dialogue in studies of medieval and early modern literature and visual culture. Its central aim is to examine the varied and contested premodern approaches to the natural world, as well as how this premodern archive resonates with contemporary concerns around environmental degradation and global warming. This research network is a multi-year, ongoing project begun in 2019. It began in 2019 with a study of “Earth” in a symposium held at Oxford University. It next turned to an analysis of human relationships to the “Sea” and coastal environments in a series of virtual reading groups and a concluding symposia sponsored by a grant from the University of California Humanities Institute (2020-2022). Next up, the working group will be exploring “Sky,” with support from the University of British Columbia.


An Interdisciplinary Conference was held at Oxford University, UK in 2019/2020. Click the link to learn more about the 2019 Earth Conference.


An Interdisciplinary Conference was hosted by the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab in 2022. This event was sponsored by a grant award from UCHRI.


The next interdisciplinary conference focusing on Sky will be held at the University of British Columbia. Stay tuned for updates.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to be added to the Earth, Sea, Sky listserv to stay up-to-date on future events, please email Kirsten Schuhmacher at

  1. Featured Image: Cover image for Earth, Sea, Sky
  2. Earth Image: Portion of “The Tree of Life,” First half of the 17th century. Canvas worked with silk thread; tent, Gobelin, and couching stitches. Met Museum, New York.
  3. Sea Image: Portion of “Water,” Adriaen Collaert, after Maerten de Vos, 1580 – 1584. Hand-colored engraving.
  4. Sky Image: Top Portion of “Lucht,” Adriaen Collaert, after Maerten de Vos, 1580 – 1584. Hand-colored engraving.

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