Who We Are


Vin Nardizzi (Associate Professor, English, University of British Columbia) teaches Renaissance literature, ecocriticism, and queer and disability studies. Website / Email

Tiffany Werth (Associate Professor, English, University of California, Davis) teaches the English Reformations, romance in all its forms, and is currently researching early modern habits of taxonomy and all things mineral. Website / Email

David Coley (Associate Professor, English, Simon Fraser University) teaches Medieval literature, with an emphasis on the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. He is currently working on the Black Death and the shape it assumes in late-medieval English poetry. Website / Email

 Executive Council of Players (2018-21)

Diversity Office: Mo Pareles (Assistant Professor, English, University of British Columbia) teaches medieval literature. She currently researches the mutual construction of species, sexual, and ethnic difference in medieval English religious literature. Website / Email 

International/National Liaison: Allan Mitchell (Professor, English, University of Victoria) works across a range of medieval genres and is currently writing about how scientific texts and technical objects functioned as environmental interfaces. Email

Activities Coordinator: Fran Dolan (Professor, English, University of California, Davis)  Email

Emerita Membership: Louisa Mackenzie, (Associate Professor, French and Italian Studies, University of Washington in Seattle). Their research and teaching interests include early modern French literature, ecocriticism, Animal Studies, and contemporary science fiction. Email

Emerita Membership: Sharon O’Dair (Professor Emerita, English, University of Alabama) currently lives in Berkeley, California and writes about Shakespeare, ecology, social class, and the profession of literary studies. Email

Secretary: Courtney Barajas:

Graduate Student Liaisons

Alex Cosh, UBC

Karol Pasciano, UBC

Breanne Weber, UC Davis

If you have questions about our webpage or our programming, please contact Alexander Cosh.

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