Earth, Sea, Sky: An Environmental Humanities Research Network

Oe is excited to be participating in a multi-year, international project that will host three linked symposia that focus sequentially on the domains of “Earth, Sea, and Sky.” In three linked symposia over three years, the project will focus on each domain of “Earth, Sea, Sky.” It will commence at Oxford on “Earth,” the most anthropocentric, localized, and thereby familiar of the domains. It shall consider how premodern texts configure this element in proximity to various vantage points: local, regional, and national as well as theological, cultural, human, non/human, and creaturely.

For information on the first event, to take place In Oxford in September of 2019, see:

The Pulter Project

Oecologies is delighted to spread the word about the Pulter Project. A beautiful and inventive online edition of the 17th c Hester Pulter’s works has launched. Its many contributors include Oecologies’s own new Activities Coordinator, Professor Fran Dolan, who has collaborated with UC Davis grad student Samantha Snively and others.

Access the full site here (  or a fantastic features overview here.

The Galatea Project

The Galatea Project is an on-going collaboration between Vancouver-based scholars and professional theatre company, Bard on the Beach. The scholars involved, (Patricia Badir, UBC), Katrina Dunn (Manitoba) and Paul Budra (SFU), are associated with Oecologies: Inhabiting Premodern Worlds, a research cluster that gathers researchers interested in the environmental humanities that are living and working along the North American Pacific coast.

For more information on the Galatea Project, please see its website.

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