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“Earth”: September 19th-20th, TORCH, University of Oxford

The “Earth, Sea, Sky” project will commence at Oxford on “Earth,” the most anthropocentric, localized, and thereby familiar of the domains. The panel will consider how premodern texts and visual culture configure earth in proximity to various vantage points: local, regional, and national as well as theological, cultural, human, non/human, and creaturely.

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For “Earth,” the project invites workshop participants to dwell on one or more of the following areas:
• Excavating earth (mines, resources, fossil fuels and other energy sources,
• Picturing earth (maps, globes, diagrams)
• Perceiving / Delimiting earth (borders, limits, perspectives)
• Covering earth (urban/rural, vegetation and crops, weather)
• Saving / Leaving earth (preservation, seed banks, travel, transcendence, catastrophe)

For more information about our upcoming “Earth” symposium, please see our schedule and workshop descriptions. Please note that events are for registered participants. 

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