“Cymbeline and the Anthropocene” at the Montana State University Black Box Theatre

Randall Martin, emeritus, University of New Brunswick

Friends and fellow Oecologists, Cymbeline in the Anthropocene is pleased to announce the culmination of our eco-Shakespeare in performance project. It is an international network of seven site-specific productions of Shakespeare’s tragi-comic romance, Cymbeline. Each production seeks to adapt the play’s range of stories, emotions, and terrains to contemporary environmental conditions in the hope of opening audiences’ imaginations to new biocentric and planetary horizons.  

Between July 18-20, our research team and theatre-makers from four continents will gather in Bozeman, Montana at the Montana State University Black Box Theatre for a hybrid symposium showcasing the work of seven ecodramatugically reinvented productions of Cymbeline

Most of the symposium sessions will be free and open to the public, both in-person and via live-streaming on the Cymbeline in the Anthropocene YouTube channel:


After the symposium, full-length video from the featured performances will remain freely available on our channel.

For the event poster and a full program, click here: 


Whether you join us in Bozeman or virtually, we hope you enjoy this celebration of thee+ years of ecological research and theatrical innovation! 

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