Wed Nov 26: Kenneth Lertzman, “Ecology and a Sense of Place: Go for a Walk in the Woods and Save the World,” Oecologies Speaker Series at Green College, UBC

Please join us for the last talk of the semester in the Oecologies Speaker Series at Green College at UBC:

Dr.Kenneth Lertzman
(School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University)
“Ecology and a Sense of Place: Go for a Walk in the Woods and Save the World”
5-6:30 pm, Wed Nov 26, Coach House, Green College, UBC

KenLertzmanOESummary: What have we learned about people’s relationships with nature from explorations at the nexus of ecology, archaeology, and ethnobiology?  There are many examples of both positive and destructive interactions with the environment in the archaeological and historical records – and in research on modern systems of resource management. However, one broad conclusion is that sustainability is a learned phenomenon – and that learning happens through intense engagement with nature, whether through the multi-generational lived experience of traditional knowledge or through formal scientific research. Society today faces many profound challenges in our relationships with the global environmental systems that support us. All of these are made more difficult by the withdrawal of human experience from intense immersion in the natural world, loss of multi-generational connections to place, systematic dismantling of local knowledge in management institutions, and the disenfranchisement of science in the policy-making system. These issues, as expressed in phenomena such as global climate change, are the defining social-ecological problems of our time.

All those attending talks in this series are invited to stay for dinner at Green College with the speaker. Those interested in attending dinner are asked to make a reservation at least by noon the business day before. Contact 604-822-8660 or visit the Green College website for details.

“Oecologies: Histories of Sustainability” is a Speaker Series sponsored by Green College that gathers scholars from the humanities living and working along the North American Pacific coast to investigate the idea of “oecology,” an older spelling of the modern concept “ecology.” For event details, abstracts, and speaker information, please visit or view the event poster. Also follow us on Twitter (@Oecologies) and “Like” us on Facebook (! If you have other questions about Oecologies, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or our assistant, Sarah Crover (

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