A resounding success! Thank you to Dr. J. Allan Mitchell and to all who attended the inaugural talk of the Oecologies Speaker Series at Green College

The inaJ. Allan Mitchellugural talk of the Oecologies Speaker Series was a resounding success! Dr. J. Allan Mitchell (English, University of Victoria) presented “Household Habitats and Dwelling on the Medieval Ecological Imaginary” to a packed house. The talk was followed by lively discussions over wine and cheese, and by a lovely dinner in Green College’s Great Hall. What a fabulous start to the series!

Oecologies: Inhabiting Premodern Worlds is a new Speaker Series sponsored by Green College that gathers scholars from the humanities living and working along the North American Pacific coast to investigate the idea of “oecology,” an older spelling of the modern concept “ecology.” For event details, abstracts, and speaker information, please visit oecologies.com or view the event poster. Also follow us on Twitter (@Oecologies) and “Like” us on Facebook (facebook.com/oecologies)! Oecologies also holds a reading group in advance of each talk in the Speaker Series. If you are interested in attending future sessions, please contact Dr. Robert Rouse. If you have other questions about Oecologies, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Vin Nardizzi or the project assistant, Carmel Ohman.

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